Our Diamonds Your Creativity

Welcome to "Every Diam" - a unique diamond manufacturer and supplier to diamond dealers, jewelry stores and collectors of fine diamonds all over the world.  

For over 30 years "Every Diam" has been purchasing high quality rough diamonds and superbly cut loose diamonds to dealers and merchants around the globe.

"Every Diam" has established itself as a leading supplier of large & special cut diamonds of 3 carats and up.  The company and its superb craftsmen specialize in colorless or uniquely colored diamonds, especially magnificent yellow diamonds.

Family Values That Makes You a Part of The Family
"Every Diam" is a family business and because of that, family values are paramount to Ronny Abramov, the founder, to his children and other family members. These values are mirrored in our unblemished record of quality, reliability, total professionalism and commitment to service and customer satisfaction.

Total Commitment, Best Value and High Standard of Service
Our reputation and pride in our history and craftsmanship are your guarantee that diamonds purchased from "Every Diam" are the highest quality diamonds exquisitely cut and polished by the very best in the field.

For reliability, quality, professionalism and a total commitment to your satisfaction – "Every Diam" is your source for fine diamonds.